Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New addition to our Dilley family!

I have a new niece!! I don't know why I didn't post this sooner, but my baby brother, Brian and his wife Carly had their second child, a baby girl.
Emery Paige Dilley was born December 12, at 6:55 am. She was a couple weeks early,but wieghed in at 5 lbs 10 oz 18.5 inches long
My parents went down to Provo, for about a week. Over Christmas, to visit the new little addition, I must say that I was SO JEALOUS. I wanted to go so bad, thats the crappy thing about living 12 hrs away from family. You can't just jump into a car and go visit any time you want. I'm told she looks like her mommy, but with Brian's dark hair! Unlike her big sister Aven who has the prettiest strawberry blond hair... but SHHHH... Brian doesn't believe his daughter has red hair!!

My baby brother and his new sweet little girl. Makes me so proud of him and his beautiful family. Love you bud.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone! Our family had a great Christmas- we spent it at home, all of the Jenkinson crew came out to the house - 32 - in all. Christmas morning we opened family presents, then later that day when all the cousins arrived we did the gift exchange and dinner! We had SO much fun, this was the first Christmas that Austin really enjoyed and had an idea of what was going on. His biggest gifts were a toy double barrel shot gun that makes shooting noises, a nurf gun with suction cup bullets and then a bow an arrow. He had a hard decided which to play with! Miss Paislee's first Christmas- she was so funny. She got this girl froggy that counts and sings, she got so excited when we opened it. She started laughing and clapping= priceless. Then we ate way too much, played games and stayed up late looking through Saturday ads for any good sales that would be going on!!

The Day after Christmas- 10 months old now!

Christmas Day!

Daddy helping Austin put the bullets in his gun!

Aunt Linley and Miss P- new blankie from grandma

Uncle Darrin ( Dallas brother ) with P

A couple of days before Christmas... yummy cookies

Christmas Eve.... a Party wrapping presents.

Just Too funny one of her many goofy faces!

" Shall we wrap her up too!? "

This dog sings a funny christmas song and dances. OH MY GOSH does paislee love it. She goes crazy any time it plays

Austin found this hat of Grandpa Bob's - so he decided that he was a cowboy.

P playing with the nativity set! It was all on the table

Another funny face.... see the stack of pillow cases on the right! I made 25 pillow cases for presents this year! We had Dallas sister's family- the Lee's 14 in all- for the gift exchange, so i made them each pillow cases. It was so much fun - then Linda made tied fleece blankets for all of the Lee kids. So we had material everywhere up to the last hour of Christmas eve!!

Aunt Linley helping P with her Christmas present- its a walker/ stroller to help her start walking!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

cute kids in brown

Say Cheese!

Grandma Dilley's dress

This dress was made by my grandma Dilley when I was a baby, and I use to wear it. Last time I was down at my parents my mom pulled it out of her hope chest. I had totally forgotten about it. Paislee wore it this last sunday, it was so cute on her. Some things stay in style, even after 26 years! So thanks grandma, love ya
Halloween Day: Miss P helping G- Ma Jenkinson make dinner ... in a pumpkin. It is the best dinner, Scrap the guts out and then make up your stuffing, throw it in the pumpkin and then bake it in the oven. YUMMY

Yummy... she actually took a small bite out!

Carving Pumpkins. We didn't do anything exciting for halloween this year. I put Paislee in a kitty cat costume, but Austin didn't want to dress up.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A crisp chilly afternoon. Austin playing with our new dog Tank, a two year old yellow lab. Tank is alot like our first Chocolate Lab - Jake, he loves to chase after tennis balls and then go find a pool or puddle of water and lay in it. It is so funny. Dallas will hit a tennis ball with the bat, Tank will go and fetch it and then on the way back go for a swim!

Austin watched Tank run through the puddle, so he needed to do the same! Keep in mind it is about 40 degrees out!

WOOPS... he tripped and fell.

Tank - the lab Molly - the hound dog

Miss Paislee


Miss P and all her chubbyness !!

Little sis in big brothers chair

Tis the season... for cutting wood! Dallas and a friend went out and cut 5 cords of wood this year ( a cord of wood is ) Now we just have to split and stack it. I'm so excited!! Austin helping G-Ma Jenkinson.

Austin taking a break...

on some bricks

All done for the day. Dallas started a fire and we roasted hot dogs and marshmellows! See the pile in the back thats just about half of the wood and it doesn't even give it justice.


I saw this on my cousin Michelle's blog and thought it was so cute. Feed the fish by moving the mouse and clicking it inside their little fish tank. If you see an orange dot after clicking then you feed them!! Have fun.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

random pics and funny stories

Just thought I would post some random pictures of the kids that I have taken in the last two days! Paislee is growing up- she has two bottom teeth and one that I can barely feel on the top. She is starting to sit up without falling over... granted she is still leaning forward and not completly up straight, but still she is doing it! She rolls every where, in fact the other morning I laid her on her blanket and left the room for a couple of minutes. When I came back in she was no where in site! I called out her name, I heard some noises coming from under a table the is up against the wall in the t.v. room. So I got down and looked under. She just gave me a big smile! She had rolled completly under the table and couldn't go anywhere else! Austin , Austin , Austin! Where do I begin, he is such an active little man that keeps us laughing ALL the time. He is potty training... some days are better than others, but he is doing it. When he has to go, he strips down, runs into the bathroom and sits on the potty. The other day, he went pee, and to celebrate he clapped his hands, gave a thumbs up follow by a YeeHaw! I laughed so hard I almost had to go to the bathroom! Currently he is OBSESSED with Bambi, the movie. He watches it everyday, sometimes 5 times a day. Grandma jenks and I have tried to get him to watch other shows, but nope, it has to be Bambi. He is now to the point that he can recite a line that is about to come up. He will also go around the house saying, " ELK.... shoot, Elk" is he his father's son or what! Every once and while I will " mooother, Moother" coming out of his room, just like young Bambi does when he is calling for his mom! In fact we have dragged out a little t.v. with a vcr, put it in his room so that when he wants to watch his movie he can go in there and watch it. He will, all by himself. Dallas even built him a little table that he can sit at. Dallas and I were watching a t.v show the other night, called "Dirty Jobs" we started laughing. Out of nowhere, Austin comes running in, stands in front of us with his hands 0n his hips. Looks at us and says " NICE" and nodds his head! Dallas and I just looked at eachother and laughed. What a kid we have. Never a dull moment in the Jenkinson house!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My new bedroom

Welcome to my new room... its beautiful!

This is what you see when you first walk in

front view of my dresser, cute shoes and burp rags

Then to your right is my bed and ME!! HI

So dad and mom have been working very hard on my bedroom. Their bedroom is so big that they decided to put a wall up which would make a new little room... just perfect for me! So dad built a two small walls, mud and taped the dry wall. Then it was time for the primer paint... this is where the fun began! NOT... Mom went to the store and bought all the paint needed for my room, she came home and put two coats of white primer on the new walls. The next day, dad started the stripes that would go behind my crib, but when he went to pull the tape off.... the paint went with it! What a nightmare, all the paint peeled with the tape, we couldn't believe it. So mom scraped off the two walls and then dad started all over because it destroyed the mud and tape job. Through out the next week between mom's new work schedule and Dad starting school, my room got done. My brother Austin also got a new room.... we ALL couldn't be happier. Especially mom and dad cause they are kid free for the first time in two years!!

Fun in the Sunflowers

First I'd like to thank Carly for providing these pages... I stole them from her blog!! So thanks Car.
While down at my parents, mom, carly and I decided to take advantage of the sunflower patch at the neighbors. It was so much fun, but lots of work to try and get the kids to participate!

Of course there was a hose close by with a leak, which Austin and Avie found. MUD - MUD - MUD