Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Jenkinson Family is now officially on the Blog wagon

Family Picture with the three of us,soon to be four! Rachel 8 months pregnant. Well I decided that since I'm no longer working and child #2 is coming tomorrow ( a day early ) I had better get on the wagon with everyone else and get a blog going! So here we are. I went to my sister in-laws house so she could get me started and then that way I could add pictures of Pasilee while I'm in the hospital for 3 days doing nothing!! I was scheduled for a C-Section on Thursday, the 26th. As I pulled up to Lisa's house I recieved a phone call from my Dr telling me that there had been a major mix up with the scheduling in labor and delivery and that I was scheduled for March 26th... not the Feb 26th. So I was bumped a day early because the schedule is full until the middle of March! So after a moment of shock and excitement I decided I had better call Dallas and the family to change plans!! In the meantime, I have at least one picture posted and more will be coming!