Saturday, April 4, 2009

FuN aT GrAnDpA and GrAnDmA Dilley's

I packed up the car and took the kids for a little road trip to Pasco this last week. It was Paislee's first trip and she slept right thru it... image that! My parents have a little wild life sanctuary going on in their back yard. They have 4 squirrels, a pheasant, and several different kinds of birds that all come on a daily basis and eat out of the several different feeders that they have put out for them. I didn't get any pictures of the squirrels, but here are some finches that were right outside the window. There is a red, brown and yellow finch.. they are so pretty.

Grandpa and Austin playing legos

I'm so cute!

Grandpa and Paislee taking a nap.

PRetty in PUrple- check out those cheeks!

Little miss Paislee got tierd of waiting for me to feed her so she decided grandma's hand work just fine for the moment!

This is an old stroller that my mom actually used to ride around in. Austin has become obsessed over it. He is in it constantly, so I decided to take him for a ride.... hoping that the old thing would fall apart on me!

Thanks for the great week mom and dad, see ya in a few days! Love ya