Monday, March 14, 2011

Can't waste the ceral!

SO Paislee wanted some of the captain crunch ceral that was on the counter, but SOME HOW it all ended up on the floor! So after hearing the "oh no momma" I told her to get the vaccum and clean it up. Next thing I knew she was vaccumming and Austin was stuffing if face as fast as he could- trying to eat it all before she vacummed it up. When I asked him what he was doing he said that he was really hungry so he had to hurry and eat the ceral before the vacum got all the good stuff!! Oh kids, they are such a hoot!

Dallas' new adventures

Dallas has discovered snowmobling! He has two buddies that go quite often and Dallas has been going along with them. Then he found a great deal on two sleds and a trailer that he just COULDN'T pass up!! uh-huh!! So now he goes every chance he gets, but uses the excuse that he is going horn hunting (looking for antlers that the animals have shed) He has actually found a big moose and white tail deer shed, so its pretty cool. Besides I enjoy the pictures that he brings back!

The Incredible expanding bed

We got a new bed!!! After just two years of sleeping on a horrible bed and lots of research we got a new bed from costco. We are loving it and its only been about 5weeks. Its a memory foam bed that came compressed in this box. Dallas and I stood at Costco looking at this box going... " ummm ok so a king size mattress is all folded up in this box huh!?? " So we got home threw our old mattress out ( in fact it went into the back of the truck ready to be hauled off to the dump, in the morning we found our big yellow lab, TANK, asleep on it! Glad some one enjoyed a nice bed for the night!) and opened up the box. Then we Literally dumped it out onto the box springs and watched it GROW! It was the coolest thing, totally reminds me of those little pill capsules that you put into water and then they grow into shapes or animals! It took about 5-10 mins for it to totally unfold and 3 days for it to fully take "shape". Although we did sleep on it the first night and was fine. Its hard as a rock when you first get in, then within about a minute your body heat melts the mattress around you and you've got yourself a wonderful bed! It took me a good 4 nights to totally fall in love and Dallas was in love within the first night. I can't believe how wonderful it is and how nice it is to wake up feeling refreshed, even after a couple hours. Dallas has had a back that doesn't hurt! SO WORTH the money and I would totally recommend it to anyone.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas in Pasco

We had a great Christmas this year. We spent a week in Pasco. Ate a ton, played hard everyday, laughed at the kids and eachother ( memory of the trip cowboy, turtle, mountains!!). Dad and Mom surprised the boys with a trip to Sitka, Alaska to go fishing. One of Dallas' must do's in life. I've known since about Septmeber and was able to keep my mouth shut ( major shocker- I know!!) So it was SO MUCH fun watching him open the present. Mom made Dallas and Brian Fish pillow cases, made a flyer that explained what the trip was, then put all of it in a box with a fish hook to top it off! It was great.... Dallas was SO excited. The count down is on. Then to top things off, and I wasn't even expecting it. We have been playing a trip to Disney for about 3yrs now and decided that this Thanksgiving would be the time to go. So the very last gift was Disney pj's for the kids and then disney park hopper tickets! I cried.... no more like sobbed like a baby. I was so excited!! Thanks mom and dad your the best! Its going to be a great 2011.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picture time in Pasco

Playing in the grapes

I love it Mommie and little P

isn't he handsome, I love his smile

Miss P wanted nothing to do with sitting by us... she is her own person

Daddy and his "big" boy!

Being silly.... thought I'd try something cute.... .not so much!!

We took pictures at my parents neighbor, Mary, place. She has this fence that really isn't all that stable. I wanted to see if Austin could kind of hold Paislee in place, while balancing himself and sitting on this fence!

Doing ok.... with daddy's help. 1,2,3... let go......

QUICK- CATCH US DADDY! I don't know how he did it. But Dallas caught both kids just before they went crashing to the ground. It was one of those "could have been really bad" yet really funny moments!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ok I have to bragg. I was asked to do all of Shiloh's wedding flowers. They turned out SO BEAUTIFUL. I was really proud. My little hobby started with my wedding - I helped with my flowers and that was my first experiance with floral arrangements. Then helped with my sister Carly ( sister in-law)and Brian's wedding. Then did my other Sister Linley's wedding. Then a friend from work. Then flew solo with Shiloh's wedding. Her colors purple and yellow looked great together, especailly against the white and black dress of the wedding. Although, finding the yellow roses was almost a bust. We ( Lisa, linley and I) went out for about 3 hours (around 11am) on Thursday for flowers. We gathered all of them but the Yellow roses - the only roses really used inthe arrangements. WHY could we not find these roses? Well it was a busy weekend for weddings, homecoming and the biggest reason. The shipment of roses that were to be delivered to the floral stores were stuck on trucks FROZEN! Yes, frozen... seriously. You've got to be kidding. So after visisting almost every store and floral shop I finally found the last 5 dozen ( possibly) yellow roses in all of Spokane at a Safeway on the South hill. So I asked the lady to hold 3 dozen and I hurridly drove there and purchased two dozen roses! Yes and by 10pm I was done and happy! Packed up the kids, who had a wonderful day of no naps and playing with cousins and went home. I don't think I had put the car in reverse and they were out!

Bridal Bouquet

4 little bouquets that were held by the little sisters.

The working room!