Friday, July 17, 2009

Austin turns 2

(above) So Austin's birthday was on Friday, Thursday night I made his leggo cake. In fact Linda and I were up till 3am frosting this cake! That night we decided to put the cakes in the room we call the "playroom" it is a room where the grandkids play when they come over, but Austin doesn't play in the there yet, so it is always dark and he hardly goes in there. SAFE right? NOT. Austin hadn't even been up for 10 mins, when I looked around to see where he was. He had gone into the dark room pushed this yellow chair over to the ironing board, and pulled off the marshmellow on his cake. Then proceeded to the door jam, with blue frosting on his lips and said " yum"!! Linda and I were just shocked... it was the funnest thing ever!

July 17th: we spent most of the day at Lisa's for Austin's B-Day. Planned the day before, we called the cousins and invited them to come over for a BBQ - pool and Cake! We had a great time - Thank you Lisa! I can't believe he is two already, it really does go by fast. Austin is such a joy: he is such a BUSY boy. He is always going and never seems to stop, even when he is sleeping. 95% of the time the first thing out of his mouth when he wakes up is either "walk" "ride 4-wheeler" or "tool". He amazes us everyday. Austin is learning his ABC's - he will repeat them after you. And we are also potty training.. going slow but good.

Next morning, playing with his new toys. Between Lisa, grandma J and mommy and daddy. Austin got enough tools to go to work with his daddy and not have to borrow much!! I can't believe how realistic these tools are, from hammers to the drill. Its so cool! He is in heaven!

Cute tool belt, he wears it every where.