Sunday, June 14, 2009


Friday was a very hot day (90), so after some grocery shopping I decided to go to Lisa's house and let Austin play with his cousins and go swimming! We had a blast... Lisa has two non-school kids at home so Ryan, who is 4 played with Austin while Levi (2) took his nap. First was the trampoline. The boy is so white he shines!!
Then the rest of the cousins starting coming home from school... Becca with miss Paislee. Below~ Ryan, Levi and Austin playing in the pool.

At first Levi didn't want to get into the little pool because Austin kept splashing him, so naturally Levi ran away. Austin followed him with a squirt gun and dumped it out on his head!!

Austin doing what he does best... splashing others

Playing with the bubbles. Katie, Becca, Ryan, Levi and Austin

Paislee laying in the grassThe boys drying off on the patio....Austin, Ryan, Caleb, and JoshAAHHHH... much better than the grass! Good Day

Weekend in Seattle

Dallas and I drove to Seattle a couple weekends ago and met my parents there on Friday to go to a couple of Mariner's games. Did I mention we had NO KIDS that weekend! I was hard to leave them, especially miss pais, but it was wonderful.... to sleep in uninterrupted!! The Mariners played the Minnesota Twins, we went to the Friday and Saturday games. The highlight of the whole weekend was my dad catching a foul ball, which was hit by one of the Twins biggest power hitters!! We were sitting on the third base side in the second deck, Dallas and I had been joking with eachother the whole time on whether or not we would protect each other from a foul ball! So mom got up to go to the bathroom, and then here comes this perfect hit!! Before we knew it Dad had caught it right in the gut!! It was so awesome..... then came mom back from the bathroom! hahaha After the game we walked down to Iver's restaurant down on the water for early anniversary dinner, then mom and dad left and Dallas and I went to Dallas' sister, linley's place. Where we stayed the night and then came home Sunday evening. Linley's husband Kasey is attending U of W - Dental program. Sunday we went to a huge park and just walked around. It was so beautiful, it had the hugest rhodadendrum trees.... they were amazing.