Monday, April 20, 2009

Quiet usually = Trouble!

This is Austin the "Clown". I was making frosting, left to go feed Paislee, he was awfully quiet. So when I got up to investigate, this is what I found. He got in to the food coloring. His lips, chin, and neck were all stained... this happened Saturday night. Yup, he was still color full for church the next day!

No he's not in time out! It was time for bed, as we do every night, I told him " lets go get our pj's on". He takes off running to the bedroom and I usually follow. Well I got distracted ( image that) and didn't follow. About 1/2 later I realized Austin never came back from the bedroom, when I went to check it out he was in the hall way half way naked. His diaper was so heavy that it was falling off of him and his little crack was showing it was really cute.

My " little Monkey"

Climbing on top of the fire place... good thing its not hot!

He has now mastered climbing up and over Paislee's " wall of DEFENSE" and into her swing. The only way to keep Pais safe in her swing was to put this play pen up around her. Now, as Dallas says, "her wall has been breached"!

Once again, into the frosting! He climbed up into his highchair and was eating the frosting out of the container that was left out on the counter! Good thing I didn't need anymore.

AAAWWWW... the enjoyed silence. This is when he is perfect and silence is enjoyed. Nap time with "blue".

Some other fun pictures

Austin and Paislee laying on the floor. Looking at this picture really put into perspective just how big Austin is compared to Pais.

Dallas and Austin. Dallas strapped Austin's car seat on the back of the 4-wheeler so that he could ride along as Dallas cleaned up outside.
" You're a redneck if..... " lol