Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picture time in Pasco

Playing in the grapes

I love it Mommie and little P

isn't he handsome, I love his smile

Miss P wanted nothing to do with sitting by us... she is her own person

Daddy and his "big" boy!

Being silly.... thought I'd try something cute.... .not so much!!

We took pictures at my parents neighbor, Mary, place. She has this fence that really isn't all that stable. I wanted to see if Austin could kind of hold Paislee in place, while balancing himself and sitting on this fence!

Doing ok.... with daddy's help. 1,2,3... let go......

QUICK- CATCH US DADDY! I don't know how he did it. But Dallas caught both kids just before they went crashing to the ground. It was one of those "could have been really bad" yet really funny moments!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ok I have to bragg. I was asked to do all of Shiloh's wedding flowers. They turned out SO BEAUTIFUL. I was really proud. My little hobby started with my wedding - I helped with my flowers and that was my first experiance with floral arrangements. Then helped with my sister Carly ( sister in-law)and Brian's wedding. Then did my other Sister Linley's wedding. Then a friend from work. Then flew solo with Shiloh's wedding. Her colors purple and yellow looked great together, especailly against the white and black dress of the wedding. Although, finding the yellow roses was almost a bust. We ( Lisa, linley and I) went out for about 3 hours (around 11am) on Thursday for flowers. We gathered all of them but the Yellow roses - the only roses really used inthe arrangements. WHY could we not find these roses? Well it was a busy weekend for weddings, homecoming and the biggest reason. The shipment of roses that were to be delivered to the floral stores were stuck on trucks FROZEN! Yes, frozen... seriously. You've got to be kidding. So after visisting almost every store and floral shop I finally found the last 5 dozen ( possibly) yellow roses in all of Spokane at a Safeway on the South hill. So I asked the lady to hold 3 dozen and I hurridly drove there and purchased two dozen roses! Yes and by 10pm I was done and happy! Packed up the kids, who had a wonderful day of no naps and playing with cousins and went home. I don't think I had put the car in reverse and they were out!

Bridal Bouquet

4 little bouquets that were held by the little sisters.

The working room!

Shiloh's Wedding

Dallas's niece Shiloh got married last week, Friday- Sept 24 in the Spokane Temple.

Paislee letting some energy out!

Paislee and Austin

Goofy Kids!

At the reception... yummy ice cream even down to the last lick

" maybe I can get more with the spoon!"

But I'm so cute- I could get away with anything!

Back at the Temple. Aunt Linley and Uncle Kasey found the runaway

Kasey and Linley Coulson

The Brides Family: The Lee's.
Scott and Shiloh Carter

Family pictures at the reception: all the Jenkinson grandkids (22) plus one of two great-grand kids and a new groom! Isn't family great, and just think there is one Jenkinson child not producing yet and one that isn't done.... which means MORE KIDS!!

Paislee and G-ma Jenkinson at the Temple

Miss P

Sister and Brother- its so fun watching them interact

Don't you wish you knew what they were thinking!?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where to even begin... A very busy summer

Austin's First Baseball Game at Safeco Field! Go Mariners ( even though they suck! ) The second weekend in July we drove up to Seattle to meet up with my parents, and went to the Thursday - Friday games of the M's against the Yankees! It was fun and exciting, especailly to watch Austin take it all in. First night was a little rough, he got antsy and impatient by the end of the game. But the second night he did great. Plus we were toward the end of potty training so we visited the bathroom often. Yes Austin is now totally potty trained ! I really thought it would never happen, but it has. It was like somebody just flipped his switch and bam he is potty trained. He is still wearing a diaper at night, but first thing in the morning he goes pee. YIPPEE

Friday: Dad, Mom, Dallas and I went to the Boeing Musuem of Flight, in Seattle. It was actually really interestting. My dad is a major museum and "dam" tour buff, so when he said lets go to the flight museum we just thought "oh great another "dam" tour!" but like I said, it ended up being a great day. The original boeing barn is there and several different war airplanes. One of the Air Force One planes. A concord, the fastest passanger plane. unfortunetly my mom has alot better pictures that I haven't gotten from her yet. Like one of Dallas and I, also of my Mom and Dad standing at the top of the stairs on Air Force One, waving like the President and First lady! It was great!

Isn't it great, a doggy door on Air Force One. I thought it was hilarious.


Isn't he handsome! Inside the museum

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just some randoms

Mothers Day we went for a drive after sacrament. Since we have One o'clock sacrament, we left early and went for a wonderful drive. We went about an hour 1/2 North, which in the end took us to the Canadian boarder. We found a forest service road that is wide enough for only one vehicle. It is a forty mile stretch of road that goes from a lake ( Sullivan lake) all the way to Priest River, ID. It is a road that Dallas has always heard of and was told that it is the most beautiful drive but to bring a chainsaw cause it can get pretty rough.... actually it would make the best 4-wheeling road. I can't wait to go back up with the 4-wheelers. Anyways, we got about 21miles into the road, when we hit snow! I couldn't believe it. So we barely made the turn around and headed back down the mountian. There are signs all over warning you about bears. Grizzly and brown bear territory ~ OH MY!

Like P's dollar bill in her in jeans! Her daddy thought she was only worth a buck!

This was a huge tree, I had to start at the bottom and then crawl up to where we are sitting!

Miss P enjoy the ride on daddy's lap

A view of part of the drive. God has definelty created some beautiful country for us to admire.

cute face P! Sitting alongside a large creek. This is actually at a camp ground that we will be camping at later this summer. ( hopefully)

Sitting on a stump

Notice the dollar bill! Rock Star?