Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miss Paislee 2 months

Can't believe my little girl is already two months old now. She is still a little chunk 12 lbs 11 oz is what she weighed Sunday morning. She is starting to coo, talk and smile at you ... it has been so much watching her personality come to life each day.

This a video of Paislee talking - she even has a surprise for you at the end!! ( sorry it is sidewazes)

Cold Day for a BBQ

Dallas' sister Lisa and her 12 kids came out last Saturday, after a track meet, and join us for a BBQ. Although the weather was cold and rainy we all had a blast. Dallas let the kids ride the 4-wheeler , while Lisa and I sat back and watched around the "roasting marshmellow" firepit. Even Levi, lisa's youngest, and Austin enjoyed riding... in fact it was difficult to pull them off at times. There were a few times, when we heard, " hey mom look at Levi". Sure enough the little stinker would be running full speed down the driveway after the 4-wheeler... not far behind would be younger cousin Austin. Its amazing how fast those little guys are!

Becca -Austin- Katie- not sure what Austin was doing... just laying on the ground

Austin and Ryan

what goof balls: Becca(3rd), Katie(2nd), Josh(4th), Austin and Levi

Shilo (the oldest-senior), Ryan, Shane (second eldest-jr) and Dallas. Oh ya good old Lady dog!

Lisa with Paislee

Caleb (kindergarten) and Austin roasting marshmellows

Tony (9th ), Shilo, Shane and Levi

Getting cleaned up after playing outside. Levi and Austin 6mo apart

Austin playing with Ryan
Another one breaches the wall!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quiet usually = Trouble!

This is Austin the "Clown". I was making frosting, left to go feed Paislee, he was awfully quiet. So when I got up to investigate, this is what I found. He got in to the food coloring. His lips, chin, and neck were all stained... this happened Saturday night. Yup, he was still color full for church the next day!

No he's not in time out! It was time for bed, as we do every night, I told him " lets go get our pj's on". He takes off running to the bedroom and I usually follow. Well I got distracted ( image that) and didn't follow. About 1/2 later I realized Austin never came back from the bedroom, when I went to check it out he was in the hall way half way naked. His diaper was so heavy that it was falling off of him and his little crack was showing it was really cute.

My " little Monkey"

Climbing on top of the fire place... good thing its not hot!

He has now mastered climbing up and over Paislee's " wall of DEFENSE" and into her swing. The only way to keep Pais safe in her swing was to put this play pen up around her. Now, as Dallas says, "her wall has been breached"!

Once again, into the frosting! He climbed up into his highchair and was eating the frosting out of the container that was left out on the counter! Good thing I didn't need anymore.

AAAWWWW... the enjoyed silence. This is when he is perfect and silence is enjoyed. Nap time with "blue".

Some other fun pictures

Austin and Paislee laying on the floor. Looking at this picture really put into perspective just how big Austin is compared to Pais.

Dallas and Austin. Dallas strapped Austin's car seat on the back of the 4-wheeler so that he could ride along as Dallas cleaned up outside.
" You're a redneck if..... " lol

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Our Beautiful Baby girl. We had a wonderful weekend with all of my family that joined us for Paislee's blessing on Easter Sunday. It was a very special day, and with it being Easter made it even more. Dallas is such a wonderful husband and father - he gave such a precious blessing. Miss Paislee has started to show her pretty smile, it just happen that grandma had the camera ready to go!

I love feet... especailly with pretty little shoes on them!

Grandpa and Grandma's crazy bunch

Brian, Carly, and Aven- such a beautiful family. We miss them way too much. Austin and Avie had a great time together. They were able to fly down Friday from Utah and then quickly leave from church to make it to the airport and fly home on Sunday.

The Dilley Clan

The Easter Bunny Came!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

FuN aT GrAnDpA and GrAnDmA Dilley's

I packed up the car and took the kids for a little road trip to Pasco this last week. It was Paislee's first trip and she slept right thru it... image that! My parents have a little wild life sanctuary going on in their back yard. They have 4 squirrels, a pheasant, and several different kinds of birds that all come on a daily basis and eat out of the several different feeders that they have put out for them. I didn't get any pictures of the squirrels, but here are some finches that were right outside the window. There is a red, brown and yellow finch.. they are so pretty.

Grandpa and Austin playing legos

I'm so cute!

Grandpa and Paislee taking a nap.

PRetty in PUrple- check out those cheeks!

Little miss Paislee got tierd of waiting for me to feed her so she decided grandma's hand work just fine for the moment!

This is an old stroller that my mom actually used to ride around in. Austin has become obsessed over it. He is in it constantly, so I decided to take him for a ride.... hoping that the old thing would fall apart on me!

Thanks for the great week mom and dad, see ya in a few days! Love ya