Thursday, September 24, 2009

My new bedroom

Welcome to my new room... its beautiful!

This is what you see when you first walk in

front view of my dresser, cute shoes and burp rags

Then to your right is my bed and ME!! HI

So dad and mom have been working very hard on my bedroom. Their bedroom is so big that they decided to put a wall up which would make a new little room... just perfect for me! So dad built a two small walls, mud and taped the dry wall. Then it was time for the primer paint... this is where the fun began! NOT... Mom went to the store and bought all the paint needed for my room, she came home and put two coats of white primer on the new walls. The next day, dad started the stripes that would go behind my crib, but when he went to pull the tape off.... the paint went with it! What a nightmare, all the paint peeled with the tape, we couldn't believe it. So mom scraped off the two walls and then dad started all over because it destroyed the mud and tape job. Through out the next week between mom's new work schedule and Dad starting school, my room got done. My brother Austin also got a new room.... we ALL couldn't be happier. Especially mom and dad cause they are kid free for the first time in two years!!

Fun in the Sunflowers

First I'd like to thank Carly for providing these pages... I stole them from her blog!! So thanks Car.
While down at my parents, mom, carly and I decided to take advantage of the sunflower patch at the neighbors. It was so much fun, but lots of work to try and get the kids to participate!

Of course there was a hose close by with a leak, which Austin and Avie found. MUD - MUD - MUD