Thursday, November 5, 2009

A crisp chilly afternoon. Austin playing with our new dog Tank, a two year old yellow lab. Tank is alot like our first Chocolate Lab - Jake, he loves to chase after tennis balls and then go find a pool or puddle of water and lay in it. It is so funny. Dallas will hit a tennis ball with the bat, Tank will go and fetch it and then on the way back go for a swim!

Austin watched Tank run through the puddle, so he needed to do the same! Keep in mind it is about 40 degrees out!

WOOPS... he tripped and fell.

Tank - the lab Molly - the hound dog

Miss Paislee


Miss P and all her chubbyness !!

Little sis in big brothers chair

Tis the season... for cutting wood! Dallas and a friend went out and cut 5 cords of wood this year ( a cord of wood is ) Now we just have to split and stack it. I'm so excited!! Austin helping G-Ma Jenkinson.

Austin taking a break...

on some bricks

All done for the day. Dallas started a fire and we roasted hot dogs and marshmellows! See the pile in the back thats just about half of the wood and it doesn't even give it justice.


  1. Fun post Rach! Can't believe how much hair your kids are getting...All the sudden it just sprung into action. Send some our way please! That pic of Austin in the water...Classic. Love you guys!

  2. How have you been? Any snow in Spokane yet? Hey, I read in a previous post that Dallas is in school and you started working again? I want details! We need to catch up!!! love ya