Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Time: Flowers, kids and fertilizer

I finally have flowers that have come into bloom! My Lillacs... do you see the huge bumblebee in the center? He was so cool, I only wish I was better with a camera and could have really gotten a great a shot- oh well( need mom here to capture the moment!) Then my bleeding heart, I thought I had O.D ed it last year on miracle grow- so when it came back this year I was so excited.

Austin loves bananas... if fact he ate 3 in a row... is that too much? A potassium over load or something!!

Then my cute little girl, who is now three months old. Crazy how time flys. she is pretty much sleeping through the night now. She is down for good around 10pm and then gets up at about 4:30am. Every once and a while she gets up before then but not often. Then she is up by 8am to conquer another day!

Sunday picture.... aren't her red toes adorable. I think so at least, Dallas thinks they are ugly and that she is "too young!"
Our little strawberry shortcake

Potty Training..... The other day Austin was grabbing at his diaper and saying "pee-pee" well I thought he had already gone so I wasn't thinking much of it. But he was being persistent- took his diaper off and ran to the bathroom. So I thought, ok lets go check it out. Sure enough he sat on the potty and went pee!! I was so excited.. he has gone 3 times since Friday. We still have a LONG ways to go, but its a start!

The fertilizer "KING". Dallas has been obsessed about weed and feed and spraying fertilizing.... everywhere. So we better have a beautiful yard this year... or else! I personally think he just likes riding his 4-wheeler around, especailly with the sprayer on the back. Hmmmmm.... sound like some else we know!?!