Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone! Our family had a great Christmas- we spent it at home, all of the Jenkinson crew came out to the house - 32 - in all. Christmas morning we opened family presents, then later that day when all the cousins arrived we did the gift exchange and dinner! We had SO much fun, this was the first Christmas that Austin really enjoyed and had an idea of what was going on. His biggest gifts were a toy double barrel shot gun that makes shooting noises, a nurf gun with suction cup bullets and then a bow an arrow. He had a hard decided which to play with! Miss Paislee's first Christmas- she was so funny. She got this girl froggy that counts and sings, she got so excited when we opened it. She started laughing and clapping= priceless. Then we ate way too much, played games and stayed up late looking through Saturday ads for any good sales that would be going on!!

The Day after Christmas- 10 months old now!

Christmas Day!

Daddy helping Austin put the bullets in his gun!

Aunt Linley and Miss P- new blankie from grandma

Uncle Darrin ( Dallas brother ) with P

A couple of days before Christmas... yummy cookies

Christmas Eve.... a Party wrapping presents.

Just Too funny one of her many goofy faces!

" Shall we wrap her up too!? "

This dog sings a funny christmas song and dances. OH MY GOSH does paislee love it. She goes crazy any time it plays

Austin found this hat of Grandpa Bob's - so he decided that he was a cowboy.

P playing with the nativity set! It was all on the table

Another funny face.... see the stack of pillow cases on the right! I made 25 pillow cases for presents this year! We had Dallas sister's family- the Lee's 14 in all- for the gift exchange, so i made them each pillow cases. It was so much fun - then Linda made tied fleece blankets for all of the Lee kids. So we had material everywhere up to the last hour of Christmas eve!!

Aunt Linley helping P with her Christmas present- its a walker/ stroller to help her start walking!

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  1. So fun Rach! They are darling. Looks like you had a blast! We did too. Missed you guys! Thanks so much for spoiling us. The gifts were AWESOME!