Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miss Paislee has arrived!!

Wednesday, February 25, a very long and joyous day for the Jenkinson household. It all began at 3:30 am when I got up to get ready go to the hospital. Dallas had gotten up at about 4 to walk into the bathroom and find me doing my hair and makeup. " what the heck are you doing? Your going to go have a baby not shopping!" I just looked at him and smiled. I just thought, well heck I'm not going to be laboring at all so why can't I looked pretty!? So anywazs, by ten to 5am we were out the door and on our way to the hospital. Once at the hospital we checked in, got dressed down and walked down to the operating room at 7am. I jumped up on the operating table to get preped for a spinal. While the doctors worked on my spinal I watched the tech nurse prep all the surgery tools and get the supplies ready for surgery. Its amazing how many tools are used for one proceedure! Once the spinal was done I had to quickly lay down because my legs got really heavy and I couldn't move... it was amazing how fast it worked. Then, Sharon, my doctor came in and wanted to get going... and she did. In fact I got sick from the spinal drugs and threw up.... Sharon had already started to cut!! I immediatly felt better , but to look over at Dallas, who was sweating and really pale. He quickly got up and went in to a little waiting that is connected to the room, just as Paislee was coming out. A short moment later, Dallas came back in to help get Paislee cleaned up and bring her to me before they went to the nursery for a bath. During this time, we heard someone stumble and "WHACK" the student nurse observing hit the floor and was out! Needless to say it was a very interesting delivery! The only reason Dallas felt queasy was becuase I kept asking him to look, and well he did! After a few hours of recovery and Paislee getting cleaned up in the nursery, Dallas finally brought her in to me and it was the end of a wonderful day.

On the way to the hospital 4:30am

First picture of Paislee with parents

Dallas bringing her out of delivery room

Paislee Marie Jenkinson
8 pounds 12 1/2 ounces