Thursday, October 1, 2009

random pics and funny stories

Just thought I would post some random pictures of the kids that I have taken in the last two days! Paislee is growing up- she has two bottom teeth and one that I can barely feel on the top. She is starting to sit up without falling over... granted she is still leaning forward and not completly up straight, but still she is doing it! She rolls every where, in fact the other morning I laid her on her blanket and left the room for a couple of minutes. When I came back in she was no where in site! I called out her name, I heard some noises coming from under a table the is up against the wall in the t.v. room. So I got down and looked under. She just gave me a big smile! She had rolled completly under the table and couldn't go anywhere else! Austin , Austin , Austin! Where do I begin, he is such an active little man that keeps us laughing ALL the time. He is potty training... some days are better than others, but he is doing it. When he has to go, he strips down, runs into the bathroom and sits on the potty. The other day, he went pee, and to celebrate he clapped his hands, gave a thumbs up follow by a YeeHaw! I laughed so hard I almost had to go to the bathroom! Currently he is OBSESSED with Bambi, the movie. He watches it everyday, sometimes 5 times a day. Grandma jenks and I have tried to get him to watch other shows, but nope, it has to be Bambi. He is now to the point that he can recite a line that is about to come up. He will also go around the house saying, " ELK.... shoot, Elk" is he his father's son or what! Every once and while I will " mooother, Moother" coming out of his room, just like young Bambi does when he is calling for his mom! In fact we have dragged out a little t.v. with a vcr, put it in his room so that when he wants to watch his movie he can go in there and watch it. He will, all by himself. Dallas even built him a little table that he can sit at. Dallas and I were watching a t.v show the other night, called "Dirty Jobs" we started laughing. Out of nowhere, Austin comes running in, stands in front of us with his hands 0n his hips. Looks at us and says " NICE" and nodds his head! Dallas and I just looked at eachother and laughed. What a kid we have. Never a dull moment in the Jenkinson house!