Monday, June 7, 2010

Just some randoms

Mothers Day we went for a drive after sacrament. Since we have One o'clock sacrament, we left early and went for a wonderful drive. We went about an hour 1/2 North, which in the end took us to the Canadian boarder. We found a forest service road that is wide enough for only one vehicle. It is a forty mile stretch of road that goes from a lake ( Sullivan lake) all the way to Priest River, ID. It is a road that Dallas has always heard of and was told that it is the most beautiful drive but to bring a chainsaw cause it can get pretty rough.... actually it would make the best 4-wheeling road. I can't wait to go back up with the 4-wheelers. Anyways, we got about 21miles into the road, when we hit snow! I couldn't believe it. So we barely made the turn around and headed back down the mountian. There are signs all over warning you about bears. Grizzly and brown bear territory ~ OH MY!

Like P's dollar bill in her in jeans! Her daddy thought she was only worth a buck!

This was a huge tree, I had to start at the bottom and then crawl up to where we are sitting!

Miss P enjoy the ride on daddy's lap

A view of part of the drive. God has definelty created some beautiful country for us to admire.

cute face P! Sitting alongside a large creek. This is actually at a camp ground that we will be camping at later this summer. ( hopefully)

Sitting on a stump

Notice the dollar bill! Rock Star?