Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where to even begin... A very busy summer

Austin's First Baseball Game at Safeco Field! Go Mariners ( even though they suck! ) The second weekend in July we drove up to Seattle to meet up with my parents, and went to the Thursday - Friday games of the M's against the Yankees! It was fun and exciting, especailly to watch Austin take it all in. First night was a little rough, he got antsy and impatient by the end of the game. But the second night he did great. Plus we were toward the end of potty training so we visited the bathroom often. Yes Austin is now totally potty trained ! I really thought it would never happen, but it has. It was like somebody just flipped his switch and bam he is potty trained. He is still wearing a diaper at night, but first thing in the morning he goes pee. YIPPEE

Friday: Dad, Mom, Dallas and I went to the Boeing Musuem of Flight, in Seattle. It was actually really interestting. My dad is a major museum and "dam" tour buff, so when he said lets go to the flight museum we just thought "oh great another "dam" tour!" but like I said, it ended up being a great day. The original boeing barn is there and several different war airplanes. One of the Air Force One planes. A concord, the fastest passanger plane. unfortunetly my mom has alot better pictures that I haven't gotten from her yet. Like one of Dallas and I, also of my Mom and Dad standing at the top of the stairs on Air Force One, waving like the President and First lady! It was great!

Isn't it great, a doggy door on Air Force One. I thought it was hilarious.


Isn't he handsome! Inside the museum


  1. I'm totally laughing about your dam tour comment! Oh man. Love you guys!

  2. We've never been to that museum. Looks like fun! Miss you!

  3. Your blog is darling, just like you!!!!