Thursday, April 8, 2010

random pics

Miss P with Grandpa after church

Chilling with Uncle Brian

Happy Blessing Day

The Last weekend of March Paislee and I flew to Utah to visit Brian, Carly and the girls. It was also the weekend of Emery's Blessing... the best part.... finally meeting my newest little niece! It was great, too short, but I'm already planning my next trip. It was Paislee's first airplane ride, she did great. We sat next to the window and two older ladies joined us. One was just about to turn 60 and the other just turned 80! They were awesome, Miss P sat on my lap the whole time, till about the last 20 mins she got antsy and then fell asleep. I waited till we were the last off the plane, before trying to get out with a sleeping baby and still having to pick up all the toys on the floor! ( good thing there are awesome stewardess on the plane to help) as we got off the plane the stroller was all set up and ready for me to put P into it. She stayed asleep all through baggage claim and Brian picking us up. Sunday after the blessing, we rode home with my parents, who had been enjoying a week in Peoria, AZ at Mariner's spring training. My boys came down to Pasco to pick P and I up.

Pais and Avie in the morning
Happy reunion. This was longest amount of time I have spent away from Austin- way too long I missed him so it was so great to see him and my hubby. The reaction between Austin and Paislee was great... they actually hugged eachother.

can we say CRANKY . He had just woken up and was not a happy camper... then got even more mad when I started to laugh and take pictures! ( before his hair cut )

I came home from work to find this..... plus Dallas asleep in the other chair. Peace and quiet - hurry time to blog!!

AHOY... I'm a Pirate. Austin plays swords with the spoons! and his belt is a pirate belt.... his image blows me away!

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  1. Makes me smile.... miss all our grandbabies! Austin's imagination is amazing - encourge it! Maybe he'll be the next "Harry Potter" writer! or Steven Speilberg... or Walt Disney.. there you go!