Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Jenkinson Family is now officially on the Blog wagon

Family Picture with the three of us,soon to be four! Rachel 8 months pregnant. Well I decided that since I'm no longer working and child #2 is coming tomorrow ( a day early ) I had better get on the wagon with everyone else and get a blog going! So here we are. I went to my sister in-laws house so she could get me started and then that way I could add pictures of Pasilee while I'm in the hospital for 3 days doing nothing!! I was scheduled for a C-Section on Thursday, the 26th. As I pulled up to Lisa's house I recieved a phone call from my Dr telling me that there had been a major mix up with the scheduling in labor and delivery and that I was scheduled for March 26th... not the Feb 26th. So I was bumped a day early because the schedule is full until the middle of March! So after a moment of shock and excitement I decided I had better call Dallas and the family to change plans!! In the meantime, I have at least one picture posted and more will be coming!


  1. Thanks for sending your blog address, we look forward to pics of the new little bundle of joy. Good luck and God bless you and baby.

    Aunt Sharon

  2. Congratulations you guys! We love you. Can't wait to see some pics.

  3. I'm so glad your here!! It will be fun to see your little family in pictures!

  4. yay! welcome to the blogging world! im so happy for you guys and cant wait to see picutres! best wishes!