Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Jenkinson-Keller reunion

Family reunion on the Jenkinson side. We spent 4 days in North Bend- near Seattle, at the end of July. We were busy every day... go go go. We got there on a Wednesday. Thursday we all went to lake Sammamish to go boating and play on the beach. It was a blast. Cousins - Scott and Sue McCreedie ( who have 5 kids) brought their boat and inner tubes to pull behind the boat. They made about 5 trips back and forth to the beach to load up 8 people and go out. Mean while back at the beach, we had pizza, watermelon, played in the water and on the swing -play ground area. Oh, and the best part to this whole trip... It was record breaking HOT in Seattle. Wednesday was 107 degrees Thursday was right around 100 , come sunday I think it cooled off to about 90! It was so hot that we stripped Paislee down to her diaper and took her for a swim! She loved the water.

Austin, Linley, Kasey and I took the last boat ride out for the day. Austin fell asleep after about 5 mins, which was the perfect opportunity for me to go tubing! Holy Cow was it a blast.... it has been about 4 years since I have been tubing... just like riding a bike!!
We stopped for a while and went swimming around the boat. Even Austin jumped off the front of the boat down into the water. I couldn't believe it... he loved it, but I got tierd very quickly catching him and then pushing him up the ladder to Linley who would then pull him up the rest of the way, just to have him jump off again.

Day 2 was a day at the "lazy" river = Snoqulamie river. It was so beautiful, right out of a movie- A river runs through it. The water was FREEZING cold, but once you were numb it was great! I couldn't believe how deep it was in some spots. In fact, some of the kids were jumping from the rocks in to the water! Then Dallas, Linley and Kasey went for a walk up the river to check things out... a while later they came back to tell us about waterfalls that they had seen. So a group of us went to check it out. WOW... is all I have to say.
There was a observation deck that over look the lower-first set of falls. Then Dallas decided that it would be cool to go over the railing and stand on the rocks! Then came the Lee's... and over they went, along with Kasey, and cousins Micheal and Minta. James, Shane and Tony Lee brought their goggles and flippers to go diving and see what they could see! Once they were done at those falls they all decided to climb up the falls to the second level. So Linda, Linley, Lisa, Becca, Katie, Josh, Austin, Paislee and I found an "out of the water" trail ( the road) and walked up to met them at the top of the falls. The top was even more amazing. There was several little falls and then a large pool, were our group and several others were diving and flipping into the water. It was great to sit there and watch every one show off!

The last day of adventure, we went to Rattlesnake Lake. It was a big lake surrounded by forest, old stumps coming out of the water, and a huge rock cliff that over looked the lake. If you looked really close or with a camera with a great zoom- you could see hikers up on the ridge! The lake was perfect for canoeing and swimming . We had a perfect shady spot under some trees that allowed us to watch the swimmers in comfort!
Just some fun snap shots through out the reunion ...


  1. That looks so fun! Love the pic of Austin with one foot over the rail. That poor kid wants to be grown up and out there so bad! Love it.

  2. So much fun!! The best way to cool off on a hot summer day. Love all your pictures.

  3. what cute pages... those were a ton of work and turned out so creative and darling... love you and your cute family.