Sunday, July 26, 2009

Huckleberry Picking

Its Huckleberry season! Last week Dallas, Austin and I jumped into the explorer and drove up to the mountains to go find huckleberries. We have never done this before so we were ready for an adventure. Our drive took us to Boyer Mtn which is about a half hour away, and up a logging trail. Then we just pulled over, Dallas jumped out and hiked up the hill to see if it was a good spot, and it was, so Austin and I joined him. Then we walked around searching for huckleberry bushes and started picking. We picked for about an hour only got a largeg cool whip bucket full, then Austin started getting cranky.... so it was time to leave. It was a ton of fun, even Austin enjoyed picking, and I got some really great pictures of father and son. Austin climbing up the hill.... you can see Dallas in the background picking already.
He found a stump to play on.... for about 10 seconds!

Austin picking a berry.

Dallas and Austin picking together.

eeeeooww.... sour berry?

After picking we went for a drive down some other trails... so we let Austin drive!

Austin feeding DallasA look at the trail we took.

"good kisses" I love my boys

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  1. Are they good? Are you going to make jam or just eat them?