Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun weekend

Saturday was a graduation party for our niece, Shilo Lee. The little kids were swimming..... and Austin got a dose of his own medicine!! Levi got a hold of the hose first and right away went after Austin. It was so funny watching them chase each other with the hose.

Austin definitely had his far share of accidents Saturday. The first round happened on the slide. He got out of the pool, and ran straight to the slide and tried to climb up it. I didn't see what happened, but according to the cousins he slipped and some how hit the back of his head, and then the front above his brow. That is when I heard him start to cry and watched him fall to the ground screaming. So after some loves and a cupcake, he went out to play again not even ten minutes later.... Round Two - the finals! The swings are made up of a really thick rubber tire. Just as cousin Ryan was pushing it, Austin ran right into hitting in the same exact spot on his forehead. He was out.... Poor little guy.

Cool Dude... in Dad's sunglasses. Enlarge to see his nice bump on his forehead, this was later Saturday night.

Father's Day Manito Park in the rain

Cute girl


Daddy playing dress up! After Dallas found Austin in my make up ( putting on mascara ) he decided to show Austin how to properly put on make up!!


  1. So stinkin cute!!! Makes me smile... love you!

  2. Oh... I LOVE THE PICS!! Fun in the Park, even in the rain! Love, Mom