Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

When the going gets TOUGH, the TOUGH call their mommies!

I had read this quote somewhere and thought it was perfect! I know there are many times I have called my mom for advice, comfort, love, sympathy... the list can go on forever.
So on this special Mother's Day, a huge Thankyou to my mom - who is always there for me. Thankyou to my mother in-law, who puts up with just as much crap from me as my own mother does. A special "Happy Mother's Day" to my Grandma Dilley and to my sister in-laws: Carly, Lisa, Lynette and Linley... I love you girls. Also, to my aunts and cousins ( and little miss Michelle, who will soon join this wonderful gang of mothers!)

Carly and Avie
Linley Lisa linda lynette


  1. Love that quote! I hope you had an awesome day Rach! I'm wishing it was mothers day every other day. Bri went so out of his way with everything, man i was loving it!!! :)

  2. you are a sweetheart and i can see how it would be easy to be your mom... but maybe that is because she did such a good job making you in to the beautiful girl you are. xo