Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cold Day for a BBQ

Dallas' sister Lisa and her 12 kids came out last Saturday, after a track meet, and join us for a BBQ. Although the weather was cold and rainy we all had a blast. Dallas let the kids ride the 4-wheeler , while Lisa and I sat back and watched around the "roasting marshmellow" firepit. Even Levi, lisa's youngest, and Austin enjoyed riding... in fact it was difficult to pull them off at times. There were a few times, when we heard, " hey mom look at Levi". Sure enough the little stinker would be running full speed down the driveway after the 4-wheeler... not far behind would be younger cousin Austin. Its amazing how fast those little guys are!

Becca -Austin- Katie- not sure what Austin was doing... just laying on the ground

Austin and Ryan

what goof balls: Becca(3rd), Katie(2nd), Josh(4th), Austin and Levi

Shilo (the oldest-senior), Ryan, Shane (second eldest-jr) and Dallas. Oh ya good old Lady dog!

Lisa with Paislee

Caleb (kindergarten) and Austin roasting marshmellows

Tony (9th ), Shilo, Shane and Levi

Getting cleaned up after playing outside. Levi and Austin 6mo apart

Austin playing with Ryan
Another one breaches the wall!!

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