Monday, March 23, 2009


First nice day with warm weather...48 degrees! Austin loves being outside, so I bundled him up and while Paislee was asleep we went out for a while. Austin on the four wheeler, helping Dallas with chores.

Since the snow is melting, our driveway is full of puddles and mud.
Water + mud = very wet and dirty boys! So it was off to the tubby after running through the puddles that were up to his ankles. He went inside screaming because he wasn't ready to go in. It didn't matter that he was freezing, soaking and covered in mud!

After a long day, no nap and energy spent out side... he slept through dinner! We all hear the stories of kids falling asleep while eating their dinner, and I couldn't wait till that precious moment happened to one of my kids. Then it did. One moment he was wide awake showing no sign of stopping, then I turn around to heat something up in the microwave. By the time I turned around he was out cold. He stayed asleep for about 20 minutes before he kind of woke up asking for a bottle! Dallas and I were laughing so hard.

This tub usually has all his toys in it. Lately, he dumps it out , pulls it closer to the couch, crawls in and watches tv with us.

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