Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life is getting easier: Thank goodness. As bedtime rolls around each night, I just pray that Austin will sleep through the night and not be woken up by his sister, and that I will get more than 3hours of sleep! ( man I miss sleep) The last few nights have been great. Austin is usually in bed around 8:30 - 9pm , Paislee isn't that far behind him. She has only gotten up a couple of times just to eat and then fall right back asleep. My ears are quickly adjusting to new baby sounds and I'm not so paranoid about every sound she makes. I'm getting around a lot easier also. It's hard not to be able to play with Austin, as in run around and wrestle with him. I can't even pick him up, which is even harder. But at least we are starting to get back on a schedule... at least most days!

I'm just so stinkin cute. 7 days old.

Mommy and Austin time: Playing bubbles.

One of Austin's favorite things to do. He runs

to the cupboard with the bubbles in it and will

yell bubbles at up until you come. Bubbles even

in the tubby... lots of fun!

Yeah... Bubbles!!

Miss Paislee sitting with daddy

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  1. She is so sweet. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous you get to dress her up in all those cute clothes:) My day for a girl will come- hopefully:) I'm glad to hear you are getting more sleep. It will get better and better. When are you planning on blessing her? Let me know. Love ya!